Chromebook Schedule


The school has seven carts (numbers 1-7) assigned to "zones" by building. First, select the cart request form link (blue column to the left) for your classroom zone and view the calendar for cart availability. The request form is below the calendar. Fill out the request form completely. You will receive an email confirmation after you submit the form. Make arrangements with the cart host for retrieval and return.

If the "zone cart" is not available, you may reserve a cart from the Library AV room circulating collection (carts 8-11 and 13-14). Please note that library staff are unable to deliver or retrieve carts. Cart #12 is for use in the library only, and may be reserved on the library schedule binder.

If your scheduled use is for "today" or "tomorrow" (meaning less than 24 hours away) please personally contact cart hosts (in the zones or in the library) to verify availability.